What's your favorite Ultimate title?

Started by Gay Titan, Jul 02, 2024, 01:53 PM

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What's your favorite Ultimate title?

The Ultimates aka Avengers
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Black Panther
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3 (100%)

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Gay Titan

What's your favorite so far? Personally, I am loving Spider-Man and already dropped X-Men.


Can only vote for the OG at this point- 

Ultimate Spider-Man

Not only is it the one that I have read the most of (have yet to read Ultimates as I am an MU guy and I am 3 months behind), but I have yet to dive into that X title... and I only see me doing so well after the Ultimate line is done. It is so hard for my eyes to accept it being from the same, Ultimate Universe with that art style alone. I say that still wanting to read it, honestly, as the art style is close, well, somewhat close, to what I really like about Kaare Andrews art, but I just can't get my head into yet. far too vastly different in appearance than the rest.


Spidey for me too but I like the main title and Black Panther as well.  I didn't pick up that X-title.  Nothing about it interested me.