Free Comic Book Day 2024

Started by Gay Titan, May 04, 2024, 11:35 PM

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Gay Titan

Who went to their LCS? What did you get? I will post my loot later.


I didn't make it to a shop but plan on downloading any digital versions that are available.

Gay Titan

Poster and promo cards for Ultraman: Rising on Netflix

DC's Absolute Power
Marvel's Spider-man and Ultimate Universe
Marvel: Bloodhunt
Archie: the Cursed Library
Lil Eye Popeye
Energon Universe (Transformers)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Star Wars: the High Republic

Picked up stuff my friend's two sons who couldn't attend:
Spidey and his Amazing Friends
Captain Underpants/Dog Man/Cat Kid
Meow Max
Snoopy's Beagle Scout Adventures
Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures
Unicorn Crush