Started by Perry, May 05, 2024, 06:21 PM

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So our ComiCon is coming May 18-19th and I was debating on whether to go or not. I probably won't as I don't want to buy any comics  ;D but I also kind of miss going.

I see where the only person I would want to see is Anson Mount (Capt Pike), but I am not willing/able to wait in a long line for him anyway. Just can't decide if the gain is worth the effort.

Has anyone been to one recently? 

Gay Titan

There are a few small ones in the Columbus area this summer, but sadly, they don't draw big names. It's usually just vendors and cosplay. Regardless, if I am free that weekend, I will probably go for the sightseeing.


There should be a panel for him where you can sit in a room to hear him without having to stand in line. For me that's just as fun as standing in line to meet them personally.